Do I have ADHD?

Picture of a girl in nature with a tiger

If you can relate to a lot of the things below, it’s pretty likely. Get a proper diagnosis by following the instructions here.

  • “Where are my keys?”
  • Over-explaining
  • Getting told off at school for not paying attention
  • “Oooh, shiny”
  • There’s a ukulele / podcast mic / cross-stitching kit / drone / model aircraft kit gathering dust in the corner of your room
  • That’s just reminded you that you’ve been wanting to learn Japanese
  • And now you’re searching for Japanese courses
  • Fidgeting
  • Being told you must try harder
  • You have at least 10 ideas before breakfast
  • The thing that’s broken has been broken for at least 6 months, even though fixing it is not hard
  • You pay late fees then feel guilty or ashamed at the waste of money
  • “Oh crap, is that tomorrow?”
  • You either forget to eat, or you eat an entire packet of biscuits in one go
  • Your ratio of “projects started” to “projects completed” is about 20:1
  • You just read the above and said “More like 100:1”
  • Interrupting people
  • “Why did I come in here?”
  • Hyper-focusing
  • You’ve had a lot of jobs
  • “Sorry, what did you just say?”
  • You’re a problem-solving ninja
  • “No seriously, where are my keys?”
  • Getting over-committed to stuff without meaning to
  • Apologising a lot
  • Habitually late, despite trying very hard to be on time
  • “I’m so lazy”
  • “Please enter your password” is followed by you rifling through a drawer full of scraps of paper
  • And still not finding your password
  • Now you’re worrying about not being able to find it (sorry)
  • Finishing a thing in half the time it’s taking everyone else
  • I’m sure I left my keys on that shelf
  • Forgetting that you forgot something
  • “Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner”
  • Feeling like (or being told that) you’re not living up to your potential
  • You’re the monarch of multi-tasking
  • I said hi to Janet next door and she didn’t say hi back – what did I do to offend her?
  • Does she hate me?
  • She hates me
  • Everyone hates me
  • I hate me
  • “Why are my keys in my sock drawer?”
  • Finding it very difficult to queue
  • The word “queue” above actually made you shudder
  • “I can’t have ADHD because this thing I’m passionate and/or anxious about is super-organised”
  • People-pleasing
  • Dependency / addiction (to behaviours as well as stuff)
  • Friendships are hard 😦
  • “Why can’t I just do the thing like a normal person?”
  • Thinking you don’t have ADHD because you can remember all the words to every song released by [insert name of artist you liked when you were 14]
  • Even though you can’t remember the “important” stuff
  • Weird sleeping/waking habits
  • “Tomorrow I’m going to do better”

You’re not alone, there’s nothing wrong with you, and you can learn to make the most of having this challenging but empowering condition. Start by seeing if you want a diagnosis (there are other resources on that page too).

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