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If you want help understanding neurodiverse people, I can help. Especially if you’re the neurodiverse person you want to understand!

Neurodiversity describes people who are different. I work with autistics, dyslexics, those with ADHD, those with mental health issues and neurotypicals (normal people). I help improve accessibility and inclusion for the neurodiverse, and enable them to work with their unique qualities so they can truly shine.

These are my services.


“So compelling and funny and emotional. Absolutely superb.”

I want to help make your event memorable. I talk about accessibility for neurodiverse people, and I tell my own story. Click here for more about my public speaking services.


“The best workshop I have ever been to, on any topic.”

Workshops on neurodiversity, time management and work/life balance. Click here for more about my workshops.


“Countless failures over the years were fixed with one insight from her.” 

1-to-1 career and business coaching for entrepreneurs and those who are looking for direction in their career. Click here for more about my coaching services.

Why me?

I am unusual in that I combine both lived and professional experience of neurodiversity. Driven by a passion to improve the world of work for neurodiverse people, I am committed to help you and everyone around you be the best you can be. Read more about me here.

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