Workshops for neurodiverse staff

Current rating: 8.8 out of 10

“I highly recommend Rachel as a trainer.”
(Ebony Montague, HR Manager, Manchester International Festival)

​Why have workshops for neurodiverse staff?​

Because they improve productivity and enable your staff to work to the best of their ability.

The training can fulfill your legal obligations to your neurodiverse staff, as these workshops can be used as a form of group coaching (you may be able to get funding for them through Access to Work).

These workshops have been successfully delivered to both neurodiverse and neurotypical staff, as they’re designed to be adapted to a wide range of learning styles (and speeds!). Most teams I have trained have been diverse, as the training is designed to benefit everyone.

What is the workshop content?

Each workshop is 2 hours long (the workshop length can be adjusted if required). These workshops are strengths-based, meaning we build on an individual’s skills while developing tailored approaches to their individual challenges. You can choose from:

  • Communication and professional relationship skills
  • Managing your time more effectively
  • Dealing effectively with mental health challenges

They workshops can be delivered online, in real life or as a hybrid.

What are the learning outcomes?

These workshops avoid the “one size fits all” approach that neurodiverse clients know doesn’t work. I provide realistic ways to improve skills, tackle challenges, and become more productive. The training aims to improve your revenue, by allowing staff to work and communicate in ways that suit them, while understanding and respecting everyone else’s preferences.

Each attendee will build their own personal toolkit throughout each workshop. This is to enable them choose only those ways of working that they know are going to be effective. While we focus on strengths, we also recognise that all of us may have challenges, so we develop ways of managing and mitigating these.

What about…?

As with all my workshops, these are inclusive and accessible by default, and can be adapted further to accommodate everyone’s needs (for example, by extending the time over which a workshop is delivered).

Demands on attendees are kept to a minimum and together we create a safe space, so participants are comfortable and relaxed.

What happens afterwards?

​All attendees receive a comprehensive resource pack and certificate. PR and social media support is available but this is discussed with each individual client as it depends on the nature of the team (some are more protective of their privacy than others, for example).

Sounds good, what do I do now?

​First, make sure you’ve got a spare £675 for each workshop you want (that price is per workshop, not per participant). They cost a bit less each if you book a bundle. Then email or call 0161 4488846 and we’ll have a chat about what you need.

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