Neurodiversity training

Let’s face it, you’re already aware of neurodiversity. That’s why you’re here! Your team doesn’t need another awareness course, and you don’t want to just tick another box. You want to understand neurodiversity, learn how to get the best out of your team, and maybe even get closer to your autistic nephew.

Proven to offer a return on your investment, this training is focused on helping your workplace become more productive, more efficient and just generally nicer.

​Neurodiversity in recruitment course

Attract 15% to 20% more talent. This course was developed by neurodiversity experts (with lived experience) and a team of recruiters, so it brings an understanding of your world as well as ours. It’s aimed at recruitment consultants and talent acquisition managers, and is the only course of its kind in the UK.

  • Current rating: 9.83 out of 10
  • Length: 6 hours
  • Delivery: Online (in 1-hour or 2-hour sessions), in-person or hybrid
  • Cost: £2,000

Find out more about the neurodiversity in recruitment course.

​Neurodiversity at work course

This isn’t just about making your neurodivergent staff happy and productive (although of course it will) – the benefits extend to the whole team. This course will give you a real understanding of what it’s like to live with neurodiverse conditions, and then you can apply this new knowledge to your own team. You get a fairly in-depth briefing call before the training starts, so I can adapt the course to your specific workplace.

  • Current rating: 9 out of 10
  • Length: 6 hours
  • Delivery: Online (in 1-hour or 2-hour sessions), in person or hybrid
  • Cost: £2,000

Find out more about the neurodiversity at work course.

​Workshops for neurodiverse staff

​Described as “refreshingly insightful”, our workshops are designed to build on neurodiverse strengths while using realistic, tailored strategies to tackle challenges. A more inclusive form of group coaching, these workshops enable all staff to work to their best ability, and never try to make a unique staff member fit a neurotypical mould.

  • Current rating: 9.6 out of 10
  • Length: 2 hours each (3 to choose from)
  • Delivery: Online, in-person or hybrid
  • Cost: £675 each

Find out more about the workshops for neurodiverse staff.

This all sounds good but…

If you like the sound of me but nothing on this page is quite what you need, give me a call anyway. As well as adapting the courses to your exact needs, I can also bring in one of my team of experts. They’re all vetted and approved by me, and I have stupidly high standards. The team includes:

  • A dyslexia specialist
  • A conflict resolution consultant
  • Neurodiverse and neurotypical coaches
  • Mental health experts (including therapists and counsellors)
  • Additional trainers
  • Legal experts

Why should I hire you instead of someone else?

Mainly because I’m not boring (except when I get started on the Battle of Agincourt). I’m committed to your staff getting as much as possible out of the training, so I ensure it’s really inclusive, everyone’s comfy, and different learning styles are catered to. I teach stuff you can’t get off Wikipedia – there’s loads of interactive bits so attendees get a deep understanding of the subject matter, and participants get to apply their newfound knowledge during the sessions.

You also get PR and social media support at no extra charge, plus a certificate for each attendee, and follow-up resources. There’s sign-posting and additional support for those who need it.

I’ve been doing training for about 20 years, and I take lots of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses so I can continue to improve.

I feel very lucky to work with some amazing clients like Manchester International Festival, Dassault Systèmes, the British Academy and MoneySuperMarket, who give me lovely testimonials. My course ratings are all “good” or “excellent” and 100% of attendees would “definitely” recommend me.

If you’d like to talk about your training needs you can call me on 0161 4488846 or email

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