Neurodiversity in recruitment course

Currently rated 9.83 out of 10.

100% of people who have taken this course would “definitely” recommend it.

Unique – no other course like this exists in the UK!

Why have this course?​

Because it is designed to increase revenue. It’s been developed for recruitment consultants and talent acquisition teams, and is designed to attract more talent and improve your processes. Given that diversity and inclusion is so important for both candidates and clients, completing this course also improves your brand reputation.

This course is unique – it’s the only one in the UK developed by a neurodiversity expert with lived experience (that’ll be me) and a team of recruitment consultants. It means I bring an understanding of how you work and what’s important to you.

What is the course content?

6 modules, delivered in online or in real life, in session times that suit you. Each module is an hour long. They are:

  1. What is neurodiversity?
  2. Understanding ADHD and autism
  3. Understanding dyslexia and dyspraxia
  4. Effective communication with neurodiverse candidates
  5. Interviews and counter-offers
  6. Neurodiversity and your clients

The first three modules focus primarily on learning about the conditions, and the second three on how to use that knowledge with candidates and clients. Key points are reiterated throughout the course, and there are lots of hands-on activities to help consultants understand their candidates on a deeper level.

What are the learning outcomes?

Attendees will learn:

  • What neurodiversity is
  • Exactly how the different conditions can present
  • What behaviours you might encounter
  • An understanding of what drives some behaviour
  • How to identify potential conditions (as candidates are unlikely to disclose)
  • How to speed up processes
  • How to address challenges
  • The importance of establishing boundaries
  • How to improve communication
  • How to use neurodiverse strengths to help your candidate
  • Where to find opportunities to educate clients

This course also builds relationships within the team, with managers reporting an improvement in how colleagues relate to each other.

What about…?

I understand that you work in a high-pressure job and giving up 6 hours to take a course might not be easy.

So the course is learning-intensive. That doesn’t mean throwing a ton of information at attendees, nor does it mean listing a load of things you should or shouldn’t do. It means ensuring everyone is comfortable and is allowed to ask questions any time. It means there’s lots of discussion and interaction so they can absorb what they need to learn without a load of stress. Participants can leave if they have to, or follow up with me after the session. Whatever works.

Oh, and we always, always finish on time.

What happens afterwards?

​All attendees receive a comprehensive resource pack and certificate.

You also get a package of specific PR and social media support – which is unique to my training. I’ll discuss the specifics with you first but it includes things like case studies, inclusion in reports, email signatures, etc. I also cite you when responding to journalist queries.

I need to book this course RIGHT NOW!

The course costs £2,000, which includes everything. You can email me or call 0161 4488846 to ask questions and to book.

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