“I would absolutely recommend what you do to anybody.”

Tech company CEO (anonymous by request)

Why have neurodiversity consultancy?​

​I dunno how else to say this, but you need it. Neurodiverse staff probably make up at least 15% of your workforce, and in some places may be up to 40%, so enabling them to do their best work is a no-brainer. It’s not just your autistic, dyslexic or ADHD staff who will benefit – research shows that neurodiversity inclusion brings improvements throughout the organisation.

You might be able to get my consultancy services paid for by Access to Work.

Having one-to-one expert advice on neurodiverse inclusion will:

  • Save you money (by improving processes, making everyone more productive and avoiding unnecessary costs)
  • Fulfil your legal obligations under the Equality Act
  • Improve productivity – not just with your neurodiverse staff but across the board
  • Improve collaboration (people automatically start communicating better after learning about neurodiversity!)
  • Enable you to be open and honest about challenges and fears, so we can deal with them head-on
  • Avoid potential litigation

What consultancy services do you offer?

I can help you throughout the entire process of neurodiverse inclusion, from hiring to reasonable adjustments to professional development.

Obviously, each client’s needs are different but some of the services I provide include:

  • Ensuring your hiring process is inclusive (currently, 90% are not)
  • Workplace assessments
  • Identifying reasonable adjustments (as an employer, you have a legal duty to implement these)
  • Implementing reasonable adjustments
  • Making recommendations for advancement programmes
  • Providing one-to-one job coaching for your neurodiverse employees – this is provided by a coach with the same conditions wherever possible
  • Producing a neurodiverse-specific professional development plan

What are the outcomes?

In short, to improve revenue. This is achieved by:

  • Attracting the best talent (not just the 15% who are neurodiverse but the 79% of people who want to work in a diverse workplace*)
  • Identifying and addressing specific needs and challenges
  • Improving communication throughout the team/organisation
  • Using a strengths-based approach to allow everyone to do their best work
  • Identifying and sourcing cost-effective support aids/services (I have exclusive discounts with some providers)
  • Avoiding unnecessary and costly changes
  • Ensuring benefits extend to all employees, not just the neurodiverse ones

Why choose me?

Because I’ll save you money.

I work with a focus on improving productivity, efficiency and revenue – I just don’t see the point in having a consultant otherwise!

Also, because I am neurodiverse, I can get an understanding of your neurodiverse employees very quickly and – often – without them even having to disclose. This saves a lot of pointless form-filling and avoids incorrect assumptions, allowing me and your staff to crack on with making improvements.

What else should I know?

Written reports, plans and recommendations are provided as part of the service. I’m also able to bring in specialists in other areas (eg mental health, legal) if necessary. These specialists are vetted and approved by me.

As with all my services, I can provide PR support and social media support if required.

Access to work (a government grant service) may be able to pay for some of my services, particularly the coaching.

Find out more​

Email or call 0161 4488846. 

*Source: Culture Shift, 2020

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