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My name is Rachel and I run Sparkle Class.

I’ve spent most of my life learning how to do things better – and I can help you too.

I run my own successful business, I’m happily married and I have 2 lovely little kids. I exercise, cook yummy food and do stuff in the community.

But I’m not like normal people. I’m what’s known as “twice exceptional” – someone who is clever but has a learning disability.

I have also had a fine selection of mental illnesses over the years. My diagnoses change every five minutes but the main ones are depression (all the kinds) and generalised anxiety disorder (the kind where you don’t know what you’re anxious about, or why).

I’ve had to find my own ways of coping with all the things. I’m classified as “high-functioning” which means I look and act normal most of the time (apart from the odd unflattering jumper). That’s because I’ve learnt lots of ways of managing my conditions and experiences. I’ve also got a ton of professional experience under my belt, and have done lots of training so that I can make sure I help you in the most effective way I can.

I set up Sparkle Class because I want to share all the tools and techniques I use for living a normal life. I’m passionate about helping other people avoid the kind of suffering I experienced, and the mistakes that I made.

Whoever you are and whatever you need, I hope you find something here that you can use, something that you love, and something that makes your life better.

Tell me if you want to know something else. 

Thanks for reading.

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