My name is Rachel.

The work stuff

My background working in New York publishing houses led to a varied career in project management, web design and build, online and offline marketing, and various other things. I do tons of writing and am currently finishing my first book. As a consultant, I’ve worked on brand development and advised on accessible communications. I’m a trained public speaker too.

An entrepreneur of (checks watch) 14 years, I have built up a travel business from scratch that has recently expanded to the US. It’s been featured in the national and international press, on radio and TV.

I’ve won a number of business awards, and have been involved in many successful projects, including a website which won both a Webby Award and a D&AD graphite pencil (like an Oscar for design and advertising). The reviews of my workshops, coaching and talks have always been “good” or “excellent”.

I’ve got a coaching qualification and I recently completed a listening course. I’m currently having one-to-one vocal tuition to improve my public speaking voice. My teacher, Julia K, is excellent and very neurodiverse-friendly! If you’d like her to help you too, have a look at her Facebook page here.

The mental stuff

I’m a high-functioning autistic and I have ADHD. I was undiagnosed for a long time which led to a lot of difficulties. I gradually sought help, and also developed a huge raft of tools and techniques to help me get through each day. It’s these tools I use in my coaching and consultancy work now.

It took me a long time to accept that I don’t work “like other people” and that I needed to tailor things to my own unique brain. This is the approach I bring to clients now, whether they’re neurodiverse like me, or neurotypical (normal). My conditions are not disabling any more and I find they actually help me produce great results, now I’m able to work with, rather than against them. I see them as superpowers!

I also suffered from severe and complex mental health issues for decades. I have made a complete recovery (thanks to the NHS) and now I use my experience to help and inspire others. I feel lucky that I am able to understand the challenges that mentally ill people face, and that I can now combine this understanding with the stability I need to be useful.

The very important stuff

I like cats, books, and Oxford commas.

My favourite book is “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and my favourite film is “It’s a Wonderful Life.” My favourite piece of music is Mozart’s “Requiem”.

I live in Didsbury with 3 boys (one large, 2 small) and a lot of Lego.

My favourite things are going outside (nature is crucial to my mental health) and anything to do with food (mainly eating it).

If you want to get in touch

Please do. I would love to talk to you, and help you out if I can.

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