27 May 2020

I’m giving my talk “The Power of Change: Learning to be a Weirdo” for Women in the Law. The online event is hosted by Sally Penni. You can sign up here if they haven’t sold out (they’ve already released extra tickets). I’m not planning to do this talk again online so this is your last chance to see it!

21 May 2020

I gave a **NEW** talk for A11y Bytes on Global Accessibility Awareness Day. If you missed it, you can watch a recording of the live stream on YouTube. My 10 minute lightning talk starts at 2:05.

13 May 2020

I gave my talk “The Power of Change: Learning to be a Weirdo” at The Landing‘s Wellness Wednesday event. Holly Lindon and Natalie Jameson did a brilliant job of hosting, and Dan Sodergren tweeted about it so much they had to release extra tickets!

7 May 2020

I gave my talk “The Power of Change: Learning to be a Weirdo” to Women in Tech: Nottingham. It was my first online talk and I was really encouraged by how inclusive the event was. Massive thanks to the WiT team, which includes Anna Dodson, Carol Gilabert, Louise Paling, Helen Joy, Andrew Seward, and Jamie Tanna.

6 May 2020

I was interviewed by Una Cottrell for the “45 Not Out” podcast. I talk about my career, neurodiversity and my experience of mental illness. You can listen to the podcast here.

27 April 2020

I was invited to be part of the panel for #FemaleTechFounder as part of the Leeds Digital Festival, organised by Chi-Chi Ekweozor, hosted by Claire-Marie Boggiano and sponsored by Assenty. You can read a write-up of the event here, or watch the video of the event on YouTube.

17 April 2020
Coronavirus: How companies are handling hiring under lockdown is a feature in Prolific North by Josh Peachey. He interviewed me for this piece.

17 April 2020
I was featured in the University of Liverpool’s “Health and Wellbeing” newsletter. Thanks to Dr Nicola Harman for this.

2 April 2020
Annie-May Noonan featured me in her article: Learning from business owners and staff with autism. This was for Real Business magazine.

1 April 2020
My article on neurodiversity was published in “The Messenger” which is the magazine of the Manchester Law Society. You can read the whole magazine here – the link goes to page 7 which is where my feature is. You can see Steven Appleton who chairs the Diversity and Inclusion Committee (and who invited me to contribute) on the same page.

31 March 2020
I delivered a workshop via Zoom on Managing neurodiversity in the workplace. This was for Women in the Law and was hosted by Sally Penni.

30 March 2020
Kevin Gopal, the editor-in-chief at the Big Issue North, featured me in his article on the help being offered during the coronavirus crisis. You can see a pdf of the page here.

30 March 2020
I was part of a panel for Assenty’s “Virtually speaking” webinar, which was hosted by Chi-chi Ekweozor. I talked about running my business from home as a working parent. You can read the write-up of this remote working webinar here.

25 March 2020
I organised and hosted a webinar with the Neurodiverse COVID-19 Rescue Squad, with the aim of helping people through the crisis. You can read a full write-up of the webinar here.

11 & 12 March 2020
Amy Newton invited me to be part of the Tech Community Village at Digital City Festival. I delivered 2 workshops on neurodiversity. You can read my write-up of the event here.

4 March 2020
I delivered a workshop for Women in the Law at Brabners. This was about managing neurodiversity in the workplace.

11 March 2020
Alex James interviewed me for The Didsbury Podcast. Click here to listen to me talk about my work, my background, and living in Didsbury.

11 February 2020
I delivered my talk: “The Power of Change: Learning to Live as a Weirdo” to the Ministry of Testing in Manchester. Talk notes and further reading can be found here.

19 January 2020
I was interviewed on Theo Smith’s podcast Neurodiversity – Eliminating Kryptonite; Enabling Superheroes. Click here to listen to my interview with Theo.