Rachel Morgan-Trimmer doing public speaking

What people say about my talks

“The best talk I saw all year.”

“Easily the best talk of Barcamp. Amazing.”

“It was the best I have seen at this year’s OggCamp.”

“My hands-down favourite talk from the entire weekend!”

“One of the best I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen hundreds over the years).”

“Everyone needs to hear this talk.”

“The most fabulous talk!”  

“Personal, funny and incredibly moving.”

“She displays a sense of herself and understanding that is rarely seen on the speaker’s circuit.”

“Brilliant and compassionate talk.”

“Brilliant talk and hugely insightful.”

“Absolutely brilliant! Humourous, compassionate and thought-provoking.”

“Really quite amazing… Rachel knocked it out of the park.”


“So compelling and funny and emotional. Absolutely superb.”

“Incredibly moving.”

“You had us all transfixed and you even caused our first ever standing ovation!”

“You rocked the place Rachel.”

“An absolutely wonderful talk.”

“Very meaningful talk.”

Excellent and thought-provoking talk.”

“Rachel’s talk was funny, insightful and left a lasting message.”

“Rachel’s talk was truly inspiring.”

“Your talk really struck a chord with me… please keep inspiring people!”

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What people say about my workshops and training sessions

100% rate them “good” or “excellent” and 100% would definitely recommend them. (I know that doesn’t sound believable but it’s true! I can show you the evaluation forms if you want).

“The best workshop I have ever been to, on any topic.”

“Really informative.”

“Plenty of ideas.”

“So useful.”


“Very interesting and motivating.”

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