Workshop and training testimonials


87% of attendees rated my workshops “Excellent.”

100% of attendees rated my workshops “Good” or “Excellent.”

100% of attendees rated my training sessions “Good” or “Excellent.”

100% of attendees said they would definitely recommend my workshops.


“I liked the relaxed atmosphere and having breaks between each talk.”

“Lots of things I could research and take forward.”

“Really informative workshop in a relaxed, informal location.”

“Speakers were really good and plenty of ideas.”

“It was great, thank you.”

“So useful.”

“Was perfect.”

“Lots of ideas.”

“New ideas.”

“Ideas for organising my life.”

“Very interesting and motivating – especially the talk from Rachel.”

“I’d love a longer workshop.”

Attendees said the most useful things were:

  • “Rachel’s talk”
  • “Talking about motivation and control of your emotions”
  • “Knowing I’m on the right track!”
  • “Tips from Rachel.”

Would you like a workshop or training session?

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