From “The Human Factor in Business” by Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree

“The best workshop I have ever been to, on any topic.”
Jay Harris, Founder, Digital Interruption, on my neurodiversity workshop

If you’re organising a workshop, you want your attendees to go away with something really valuable. Something they can take away and use in their daily life and work. That’s where I can help you.

98% of attendees rate my workshops “good” or “excellent”

95% of attendees would “definitely recommend” my workshops

Each workshop is tailored for you, your organisation and the kind of people who will be attending. Workshops are a mix of presentations, solo work and group activities, and a resource pack is included for every attendee. They are accessible and inclusive, to ensure each participant is safe, welcome and engaged.

These are the 3 workshops I offer. All are available online.


Workplaces that employ neurodiverse people are 30% to 50% more productive.

I will help you and your colleagues learn what neurodiversity is, what the challenges are and why adaptations aren’t difficult or expensive. You’ll get a unique insight into conditions like ADHD, autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia. I will enable you to understand the needs of your neurodiverse staff and – crucially – work with you to draw out their unique skills so they can work to their strengths.

Currently running online in 4 x 1-hour sessions. A resource pack containing everything we’ve covered is included. Contact me if you are interested in booking this workshop and I can send you the outline.

  1. An overview of neurodiversity
  2. In-depth look at each neurodiverse condition
  3. Recruiting and managing neurodiverse staff
  4. Inclusion and accessibility for neurodiverse clients

**NEW** Communication and professional relationship skills for neurodiverse people

This workshop is to help neurodiverse individuals build their skills in communication, teamwork, networking and building professional relationships.

It is unique. Why? I don’t train neurodiverse people to mask or suppress their natural way of communicating, to fit in with “normal” people. Instead, I help them manage their challenges while developing their strengths – which is why the feedback has so far been 5 stars, with attendees describing it with words like “refreshing”.

The workshop is designed for the way neurodiverse people learn best, so it’s inclusive, interactive, and fairly intensive (as most neurodiverse people learn much faster than their peers). It’s delivered over 2 x 1-hour sessions online, with a 40-page resource pack included. Contact me to get an overview of this workshop.

Time management

Time management is one of the biggest struggles for neurodiverse people – and for neurotypical (normal) people too! This workshop is for any organisation whose staff would benefit from time management techniques, especially creatives, academics and entrepreneurs.

I help you and your staff understand that time management encompasses managing stress, energy and other environmental factors too. Attendees are given the time and space to discover and develop their own routines – working out what they want out of each day and understanding how they can get there.

The workshop is designed to produce unique, tailored solutions for every individual’s time management needs. It’s delivered in 2 x 1-hour sessions, online, and every attendee receives a resource pack that they can tailor to their own needs. Contact me if you want to see the workshop outline.

Why choose me to train your staff?

My workshops are different: there’s no “chalk and talk”! I believe people learn best when they’re taught in a way that suits their individual needs.

I have both lived and professional experience of autism and ADHD, which means I combine a passion for my work with a commitment to understanding and delivering what you need as efficiently as I can.

Ultimately though, I will ensure my workshop results in tangible and measurable benefits for your company, through improved efficiency, accessibility and productivity.

Get in touch to have a chat about what you need.