From “The Human Factor in Business” by Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree

“The best workshop I have ever been to, on any topic.”

Jay Harris, Founder, Digital Interruption, on my neurodiversity workshop

If you’re organising a workshop, you want your attendees to go away with something really valuable. Something they can take away and use in their daily life and work. That’s where I can help you.

98% of attendees rate my workshops “good” or “excellent”

95% of attendees would “definitely recommend” my workshops

Each workshop is tailored for you, your organisation and the kind of people who will be attending. Workshops are a mix of presentations, solo work and group activities. Each participant is encouraged to use or discard the tools and worksheets as they see fit, so they leave the workshop with a bespoke toolkit designed around them, their needs, and the way they work.

I offer the following 2 workshops, and I’m also currently developing a mental health one and a work/life balance one. Each is available for 2 hours or a half-day.

Neurodiversity workshop

Workplaces that employ neurodiverse people are 30% to 50% more productive.

If you’d like to learn about how to harness the power of neurodiverse colleagues, and serve your neurodiverse clients, this workshop is for you.

Neurodiversity covers: ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia. About half of neurodiverse people also suffer mental health issues, so the workshop covers this too.

I will help you and your colleagues learn what neurodiversity, what the challenges are and why adaptations aren’t difficult or expensive. I will enable you to understand the needs of your neurodiverse staff and – crucially – work with you to draw out their unique skills so they can work to their strengths.

My workshops are different because they go beyond facts and figures. I incorporate real-life stories and eye-opening activities so you and your staff get a genuine understanding of what it feels like to be neurodiverse.

Time management

Time management is one of the biggest struggles for neurodiverse people – and for neurotypical (normal) people too!

I do time management workshops for creatives, academics, and neurodiverse entrepreneurs. I can adapt any of these for your staff too, whether they’re neurotypical, neurodiverse, or a mix.

In the workshops, I help people understand that time management encompasses managing stress, energy and other environmental factors too. Attendees are given the time and space to discover and develop their own routines – working out what they want out of each day and understanding how they can get there.

We look at both the big picture and the small details at the same time, combining these to find unique, tailored solutions for every individual’s time management needs.

What you get out of my workshops

No matter which workshop you choose, you are guaranteed that you will have a trainer who understands that each attendee has individual needs. As an accessibility expert, with lived experience of neurodiversity, I can make sure each person is included, valued and has their needs understood and respected.

There are lots of activities to help attendees learn, and we use a lot of tools to make it fun. Attendees say: “I thought it was going to be like work but it was much more enjoyable than I expected.” I believe people learn better when they’re engaged. In fact, all the information and advice I share, plus my training techniques, are backed by scientific evidence.

We have a huge range worksheets to use during the sessions, and each person is encouraged to use only the ones that they feel work for them – building a bespoke toolkit that they can take away with them and use in the future.

Why choose me to train your staff?

My workshops are different. I go beyond facts and figures; I use interactive techniques and real-life stories to enable people to understand the world of neurodiverse individuals.

Because I work with a wide range of neurodiverse and neurotypical people, I do not take a “one size fits all” approach. I tailor each workshop to the audience and encourage each attendee to participate in the way that suits them best.

I have both lived and professional experience of autism and ADHD, which means I combine a passion for my work with a commitment to understanding and delivering what you need as efficiently as I can.

Ultimately though, I will ensure my workshop results in tangible and measurable benefits for your company, through improved efficiency, accessibility and productivity.

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