This site is for you if you’re not like other people. And if you are like other people, you will still find it helpful.

Maybe you’re disorganised, tired, have too much on, or have a disability.

Perhaps you have a condition like autism or ADHD which makes life difficult.

You could be mentally ill and that is impacting your life.

Maybe you just feel different. That’s fine.

Whoever you are and whatever is going on in your life, I am here to make it better. I understand that you can’t do things the same way as other people.

I promise you that everything on this site will help you manage your work and life better than you ever have before.

It’s time to say goodbye to trying to be normal. It’s time to embrace your unique self.

Get in touch if you want me to help you (a half-hour assessment is free) or head on over to the blog if you just want to see what I do.