Hello. Welcome to my secret page!

You’ve found this because I’ve given you something at a talk, you’ve had a referral from a friend, or I just like the cut of your jib.

So what do you get on my secret page?

First of all, you get access to some of my worksheets that normally only paying clients get. You can download and use these for free. I hope you find them useful.

Secondly, you get the secret link to book an hour meeting with me. This can be about whatever you want, and it’s not chargeable.

Finally, you get a discount my 1-to-1 coaching services. You can choose:

  • A one-off session for £50 instead of £70
  • A speedy life change package (4 hours of sessions plus follow-up) for £199 instead of £300.
  • A big life change package (7 hours of sessions plus follow-up) for £449 instead of £600.

Contact me if you want to know more about my coaching services and to claim your discount (FYI it’s totally confidential and I don’t even tell people I’m working with you).

Your free worksheets

What do you want to do?Choose this worksheet
Set goalsSMART goal setting
Stepped goals graph and Stepped goals timeline (they go together, do the graph first)
Find a way forwardChange your perspective – drone exercise
Make a decisionCost-benefit analysis form
Prioritise all the things I have to do“Do I need to do this?” worksheet
Balancing worksheet
Priorities matrix
Standards matrix
Fun and important to do list
Fun and important to do list with time taken
To do list with benefits and consequences
Complex to do list with priorities
Motivate myself with star chartsStar chart
Star chart with bonuses
Prepare for potential obstaclesPlan B worksheet
Go to bed!Bedtime procrastination reward chart