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Public speaking testimonials

“Rachel’s talk was funny, insightful and left a lasting message: almost every improvement you make for a particular group helps everyone outside that group as well.”

Alice Bailey, Contract Software Development Consultant, ECOM

“Rachel’s talk was truly inspiring.”

Billy Watson, Senior Front End Developer, Absurd

“I found Rachel’s talk on accessibility refreshing because it wasn’t the usual talk on accessible websites and how to work with screen readers but instead how helping people with mental illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorders can help those people and impact a larger audience as well. Rachel’s talk was a welcome change to the norm and it was great to see someone breaking boundaries, talking about the unspoken in a charismatic and humorous way. Rachel’s very relatable and I look forward to seeing her speak again in the future.”

Katherine Cory, web designer and developer

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much I loved your talk.

Your talk really struck a chord with me when you were describing how we should trust the needs and requests of others; I loved your story about the Poldark photo.

Thanks again – and please keep inspiring people!”

John Goodwin [via email]

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