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Public speaking testimonials

“This is the most fabulous talk! If you haven’t seen this here, make the chance to see it somewhere else!”
Jon Spriggs   

“Brilliant and compassionate talk. Helped me think about things in a different way.”
Terence Eden [via]

“Brilliant talk and hugely insightful. I learned and laughed so much listening to Rachel’s story. Thank you for sharing.”
Anna Dodson [via]

“Absolutely brilliant! Humourous, compassionate and thought-provoking.”
James Tait

“Rachel’s talk ‘The power of change – learning to live as a “weirdo”‘ was really quite amazing. It’s a difficult thing to talk about mental health, especially to those of us who aren’t very close to it to understand what it’s like, but Rachel knocked it out of the park with a great illustration of what autism can be like in terms of the reality of the spectrum and the many different effects it can have.

We started with a bit of humour and a funny title, but she took us through a journey of autism, ADHD, depression, and spun a really intriguing story. There was a great mix of humour alongside this serious topic. I’d urge you to see this talk if you’re able to catch it again!”
Jamie Tanna [via]

“Rachel’s heart-warming talk presented the topic in a very authentic and relevant fashion, much beyond the usual media hype around this including stereotypical representation such as “Rain Man”. It was the best non-technical I have seen at this year’s OggCamp.”
OggCamp attendee [anonymous by request]

“I’d like to say thank you for your talk this morning. Its the first time in a long time I’ve heard someone talk about autism which made me think ‘You get it! This is how I think and feel and deal with the world too!'”
David Purse

“Was a truly amazing talk!”
Gary Williams

“Just watched @SparkleClass do a talk about “learning to live as a weirdo” and oh my wow. She talked about her experience being autistic and living with ADHD and depression. So compelling and funny and emotional. Absolutely superb.”

“Incredibly moving talk from @SparkleClass this morning at #OggCamp talking about her journey with mental health.”
Anna Hax

“Thank you for sharing your very personal and emotive journey Rachel. You had us all transfixed and you even caused our first ever standing ovation!”
Duncan Nisbet, organiser, Liverpool Tester Gathering

“You rocked the place Rachel.”
Matthew Parker, tester, manager and coach

“An absolutely wonderful talk on neurodiversity and being a ‘weirdo’. “
Alina Apine

“Very meaningful talk about living with autism and depression. Really helped me to understand autism in a more detailed way.”
Jessica Yates

“Easily the best talk of #BCMCR9. Amazing.”
Richard Pearson

Just saw an excellent and thought-provoking talk by Rachel Morgan-Trimmer about what accessibility means and how to build it in to what you do.
Lucy B

“Rachel’s talk was funny, insightful and left a lasting message: almost every improvement you make for a particular group helps everyone outside that group as well.”
Alice Bailey, Contract Software Development Consultant, ECOM

“Rachel’s talk was truly inspiring.”
Billy Watson, Senior Front End Developer, Absurd

“I found Rachel’s talk on accessibility refreshing because it wasn’t the usual talk on accessible websites and how to work with screen readers but instead how helping people with mental illnesses and neurodevelopmental disorders can help those people and impact a larger audience as well. Rachel’s talk was a welcome change to the norm and it was great to see someone breaking boundaries, talking about the unspoken in a charismatic and humorous way. Rachel’s very relatable and I look forward to seeing her speak again in the future.”
Katherine Cory, web designer and developer

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much I loved your talk.
Your talk really struck a chord with me when you were describing how we should trust the needs and requests of others; I loved your story about the Poldark photo.
Thanks again – and please keep inspiring people!”
John Goodwin [via email]

“Powerful and moving talk on what it means to be truly accessible and how adaptations can benefit everyone. Thanks to Rachel Morgan-Trimmer.”

“Brilliant presentation from Rachel Morgan-Trimmer at #UpFrontConf Lots of useful practical info on accessibility.”
Claire Worthington

“Great talk on accessibility, lots of laughs so far “Autism…. being on the spectrum” #upfrontconf”
Grant Bodie

“Watching a fellow member of the tribe presenting at @upfrontconf Rachel Morgan-Trimmer is doing an amazing job at educating people on accessibility #UpFrontConf #ADHD #ActuallyAutistic
SPACE Stockport

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