I help lots of different people do lots of different things. If you have special needs or you want to make your organisation better for people with special needs, I will help you do that.

It’s a holistic approach. It’s for you if you need someone who understands that you can’t work without colour-coding everything, that your spelling sucks, or you can’t make a phone call until the phone has been cleaned 3 times. I promise that I will develop our ideas and plans around your unique needs, and we’ll make it so that things work the way you need them to.

Don’t believe me? You don’t have to! You can read my testimonials from happy clients here.

My credentials

I’ve run my own business for 13 years, which has featured in local, regional, national and international press. I’ve also been interviewed on radio and TV. My background is in editorial (I challenge you to find a mistake on this site!) and writing. I trained as a print editor but I’ve worked in project management, web design and build, online and offline marketing, and a ton of other stuff. I’ve also consulted on brand direction, and one of my favourite jobs is coming up with names for new products and companies! You will have seen some of these when you’ve been shopping.

I’ve won a number of business awards, and have been involved in many successful projects, including a website which recently won both a Webby Award and a D&AD graphite pencil (like an Oscar for design and advertising). My reviews on the workshops I have run, the training I have delivered, and the public speaking I have given, have consistently been “good” or “excellent”.

Now why would I keep all that to myself when I can share it with you?

If you want business coaching

Coaching finds what is not working in your life and work currently, and helps you find ways of managing that. If you’re an entrepreneur or someone running a side hustle, and you need help with productivity, time management, or working with your unique challenges, I can help you.

The first thing I will do for you is listen to you. Then I will do my best to understand you. After that, we’ll work together to improve your life and career.

My unique style of business coaching understands that your life and work aren’t separate. It’s is ideal for self-employed working parents and those with a day job and part-time side business (whether you’ve launched it or it’s still a dream!). Life and business coaching is offered at a reduced rate from my business rates, which are given below. Standard rate is £75 per hour, but if you’re skint, I still can work with you.

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If you are (or want to be) an entrepreneur

I’m here to make your small business dreams a reality. I’ve run my own successful business for 13 years and I can help you do the same.

You’ll get business consultancy which matches your needs and your values – I know that making a difference might be as important to you as making money.

You’ll also learn how to shape your growing business to your needs, whether you’re a parent, working a side-hustle, have a disability, or just can’t think straight.

You’ll get exclusive access to my secret suite of tools that alternative entrepreneurs can’t live without. We’ll brainstorm and generate some great ideas that you can turn into money. Together, we’ll develop plans and strategies to make all these ideas a reality.

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If you run a business or work for an organisation

My consultancy services are for you if you want to improve your accessibility – and your bottom line.

It’s not just about “doing the right thing” – even though that’s important! It’s about creating an environment where your staff and your clients feel valued and listened to.

When you work with people who have special needs – whether that’s a disability, a mental health condition or a neurodevelopmental disorder – you need to make sure that you can adapt to their needs.

It’s not just about finding solutions to unique challenges, although that’s part of what we’ll do together! It’s identifying the unique gifts that #notnormal people bring to your organisation, and exploring how to make the most of these.

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If you need an engaging and unusual speaker

If you’re holding an event and need someone to speak about issues of disability, mental health and entrepreneurship, I’m your woman!

I’m a trained public speaker and have spoken at a range of events around the country, and been invited to speak on expert panels. I’ve also appeared on national television and been interviewed live on local radio. I’ve even delivered a best man’s speech!

My style is warm, engaging and humorous. I speak frankly about my own struggles and enjoy building a rapport with the audience.

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My fees

My fees reflect the fact that I’m the only person in the UK offering this collection of services to and for people who are neurodiverse (those with mental health issues, developmental disorders, neurological disabilities, and so on).

I offer reduced rates to those who are currently unemployed or on a low income. These costs do not include travel time or expenses (I am in South Manchester and can come to you, meet in a private office in the city centre, or we can Skype).

£120 for 1 hour – which would give you one brainstorming session (including ideas), or one blog post, or a week of social media posts, or one training session, or one public speaking session. You also get a pre-session task or worksheet, plus feedback, follow-up and worksheets after (exactly what you will be sent depends on your specific requirements).

£275 for half a day – you can have a brainstorming session, with ideas you can start using right away, an overall plan and strategy, and access to the right tools to make it a reality. You can also have a half day’s training session. You will get planning materials before our session, to make the most of our time together, plus extensive follow-up and resources to put your ideas into action.

£500 for a full day – you can have a longer brainstorming session, with tons of ideas for today, tomorrow and the next 6 months or year, a plan and strategy with initial schedule, setting up the right tools and apps you will need, a blog or website started, blog posts and pages written, a customer database set up, branding ideas, and anything else that you find you need during the session that we can fit in! I can also deliver a day’s training or attend your conference.

Interested in what I can do for you? Not sure quite what you need? We can chat about that – there’s no charge for a conversation and no obligation. Get in touch now.