LadyHD – why ADHD looks and feels different in women and girls

LADYHD - the L and Y are black, and the ADHD are in red and bold

Urgent help: if you need someone to talk to right now, call or text one of these free numbers:

  • UK and Ireland – call 116 123 or email ( in Ireland)
  • Canada – text HOME to 686868
  • USA – call 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  • Australia – call 135 247
  • New Zealand call 0800 LIFELINE (0800 543 354) or text HELP (4357)

ADHD information and help

Additude mag – one of my favourite ADHD resources. Tons of useful info and they have free webinars too.

NICE guidance on ADHD – if you live in the UK, these guidelines set out how your ADHD should be diagnosed and managed.

Taking Charge of ADHDthe book on ADHD by Russell A Barkley (the link goes to his site so you can order his other books as well if you like)

Distractions workbook – this wasn’t designed specifically for people with ADHD but it’s incredibly useful for people like us.

Neurodiversity Association whose website includes information on ADHD. Disclosure: I co-founded this organisation.

ADHD community

Flex your ADHD – site and community for adults with ADHD

The ADHD enclave – paid community

ADHD hub – lots of events and community stuff with a channel for women and AFAB people. Contact @EvyStory or @Study_ADHD on Twitter for an invitation to their Discord group.

ADHD by gender

Dr Ellen Littman (who I quoted in my talk) – a specialist in ADHD in women and girls

Webinar on ADHD, women and hormones with Prof. Dr. Sandra Kooij

Females with ADHD video by Professor Susan Young

ADHD men’s support group run by Marc Almodovar. He confirms it’s open to anyone who identifies as male.*


The Adulting with ADHD podcast from Sarah Synder

LadyHD podcast – I thought I’d come up with the term “LadyHD” before I found this podcast! It’s hosted by Jenn Welch.

Neurosec – Nathan Chung’s podcast on neurodiversity in cyber security

Neurodiversity – Eliminating Kryptonite ; Enabling Superheroes – Theo Smith’s neurodiversity podcast (for which he interviewed me!)

Mental health

NHS round-up of UK mental health charities and helplines – includes urgent care which is available 24 hours a day

Self-help therapies on the NHS in a variety of formats

Self-care backpack – collection of resources to help you take care of your mental health (disclosure: I worked with the founder of these resources but didn’t develop the ideas, and don’t receive payment for them)

*Why is there a men’s group on a page about ADHD in women?

Well, for a start, single sex spaces can be vital for people to talk honestly and openly about their issues, and this applies equally to men as to women.

Secondly, one of the issues with the gender stereotyping that I discussed in my talk is that men can be the victims of this too. If a man doesn’t fit the “male” presentation of ADHD, he too can be undiagnosed and untreated.

Finally, I’m trying to be inclusive to everyone – men, women, non-binary people, gender-fluid people, etc – because it’s important!

And you are important.

Big thanks to the ADHD community on Twitter and my network on LinkedIn for recommending some of these resources.

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