Giveaway terms and conditions

This is my giveaway. No-one else’s. It’s not affiliated with LinkedIn, Twitter, Focusmate, or Dave’s Legitimately Sourced Car Radios.

I’m giving away 2 x 3-month memberships of Focusmate. One on Twitter and one on LinkedIn. That’s all. No money. No alternative. And certainly none of my KitKats.

To win on Twitter, you just have to retweet the tweet I told you to retweet. A winner will be chosen at random from the list of accounts who retweet it and I’ll tweet and tag them to tell them they’ve won.

To win on LinkedIn, you need to comment on the post and tag a friend. A winner will be chosen at random from the people who comment, and I’ll make a new post and tag them to tell them they’ve won.

The competition closes on January 20 2022.

If you win (fingers crossed, eh?), you’ll get an email from Focusmate with your gift card code. Along with instructions to redeem it. You have to sign up for Focusmate to use it but they won’t muck around with your data.

If I get no response from the winners within 1 month of tagging them (I will direct message them in that time too, if I can), I won’t be able to give them their prize. If that happens, the prize will be forfeited and donated to someone in need.

Why am I doing this? Workwise, for social media engagement innit? For personal reasons, it’s because I’ve got a huge amount of use out of Focusmate, I really believe in it, and I want to give someone else the opportunity to try it for free.

Good luck!

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