1-to-1 coaching

I highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking to be the best that they can be, and I have really enjoyed my sessions with her.

Maria L, creative entrepreneur

Well done for taking the first step to improving your life and work.

You need someone who understands that you can’t work without colour-coding everything, that your spelling sucks, or you can’t make a phone call until the phone has been cleaned 3 times. I promise that I will develop our ideas and plans around your unique needs, and we’ll make it so that things work the way you need them to.

If you’ve got a job (or the promise of one), find out how you could get your coaching funded through Access to Work.

What is coaching for?

It’s to untangle your thoughts, examine your dreams and goals, and sort out that mess in the second drawer down.

It’s to help you get that business idea you’ve had knocking around in your head for 5 years into an actionable plan.

It’s to enable you to do the things you want to do. (Unless that’s to start another Nicholas Cage fansite, I’m having no part of that).

My approach

There’s no judgement and there’s a lot of understanding. I’m privileged that people trust me with the stuff they find embarrassing, and allow me to help them through it.

Because I may possibly have the same conditions as you (ADHD and autism) you don’t need to do all that explainy stuff to me. I get it.

I use a lot of paper and many coloured pens. You can choose the colours.

Ready to get started?

The first step is to get in touch with me, because we have to see if we’re a good fit. If you choose to go ahead, it’s £80 an hour. That includes all the paper and pen usage. We can do it online or in real life, whatever you (and the government) say.

Access to Work might be able to pay for your coaching.

I got a focused look at what I can offer, what I need to decide, and how to move forward. I enjoyed all of it! Even the stuff I thought would be stressful or not for me I ended up finding really enjoyable/useful.

Consultancy client, anonymous by request
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