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“The first day I already had great results – I constantly lost my lists and schedules and with one simple idea, Rachel fixed that.

There were more struggles I had, that I never found a solution for in years. But shortly after working with Rachel, I made time for 90-minute life goal session, waking up at 03:30, protecting my office from interruptions, and more.

The biggest benefit of the mentorship was implementing. I learned nothing new. But I’d tell Rachel “Oh, I already tried that, it’s not for me” when she brought up some productivity methods and then she’d teach me how to make it work. Countless failure over the years were fixed with one insight from her. Now a lot of “not for me” methods have become pillars for my day-to-day life.

She’s open to accept that some of her methods have to be adjusted for you. For example, I redid her charts because I didn’t like the font and colors she used.

Who is it for? You better have clear goals. You better handle critique well. Rachel will expose you in order to replace the bad with good habits and coping mechanisms.

Rachel urged me to find a specialist for my biggest hurdle. I admire her honesty. To me, this means that she truly cared about me getting the best results. I hope to work together with her again in 2019.

Iris H, conceptual artist and affiliate marketer, runner, wife and mother.

“Rachel’s support and advice was invaluable. After Rachel’s pep talk, and by her leading by example, I had the confidence to be more proactive in my approach to customers and sales were tripled!

Rachel’s support didn’t stop there, the report I received was incredibly helpful as it’s easy to forget things that you’ve learnt. I will be using the report for the future. Overall a super service that I would highly recommend.”

Nicola D, who runs a creative side-hustle business when she’s not at her day job.

“Being new to the self employed world, I didn’t know what to expect when asking Rachel to help me. I was expecting her to go through business strategies, and boring number crunching, and it all be rather dull.

Instead, what I got was more of a life coach! Rachel looks at all elements of your life, not just the ones directly linked to your business. She works with you to work out what matters, and what needs to be done, before giving any advice. Rachel works to your strengths, and when something doesn’t work, she doesn’t take offence, and finds a new alternative that fits with your life and business.

Rachel is caring and personable, as well as being highly professional, and clearly well trained. I enjoyed having a friendly face to talk to about work, life, and everything in between. She genuinely cares about her clients, and goes above and beyond to make sure you are fully kitted out to make the best of your day. The resources she has are well designed and perfect for small business owners. And they’re pretty, which is a bonus for me.

I found that Rachel made me feel positive about myself and the way I run my business. She helps you to think of the bigger picture, and look at things in a new light. She has shown me that my energy is just as important as my time, and helped me to utilise both time and energy in a way that benefits my business and my family. Through a selection of small changes, I have found myself more productive, and happier in myself.

I highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking to be the best that they can be, and have really enjoyed my sessions with her.”

Maria L, who runs a creative business in her spare time, in addition to a day job and looking after her house, husband, baby and assorted pets. 

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