What is neurodiversity and why should you care about it? [Sketchnotes]

These are the sketchnotes that the very talented Antonella Scaravilli made at my neurodiversity workshop. Text description of the sketchnotes [images are described in square brackets] Computer weekly + Spinks [Picture of smiling white woman with unimpressive hair] What is neurodiversity and why should you care about it? Rachel Morgan-Trimmer @ sparkleclass Rachel is aContinue reading “What is neurodiversity and why should you care about it? [Sketchnotes]”

COVID-19 help round-up

As things are getting better – fingers crossed – I’ve moved my COVID-19 help round-up off my homepage to here on the blog. I’m still offering everything I offered before, including the free sessions. However, I have committed to some exciting new community projects, which means I will have to stop the free sessions soon.Continue reading “COVID-19 help round-up”

Hierarchy of needs: lockdown version

Accessible version: 1. Red layer (most important) Drink water, eat food, get some sleep, pay rent or mortgage, pay utilities, arrange payment holidays 2. Yellow layer Sort employment/benefits situation, wash, get dressed, access reliable sources of information, control what you can 3. Green layer Contact friends, attend online meetings or events, cuddle family members/pets 4.Continue reading “Hierarchy of needs: lockdown version”

How to work from home when you feel like you can’t

If you have to work from home and it’s not your choice, you might feel like you can’t do it. But you can! Here’s how. 1. Use a virtual co-working service This is my absolute, number one, very favouritist productivity tool. I have ADHD and I struggled a lot with productivity until I started usingContinue reading “How to work from home when you feel like you can’t”

What is “Amish Time” and how can you implement it?

Did you know I’m descended from Mennonites? They are a similar community to the Amish, and live in the USA. Both communities are very religious (on paper if not in practice) and shun modern ways and “sinful” practices, like watching telly or being nice to gays. Who are the Amish? The Amish are stricter thanContinue reading “What is “Amish Time” and how can you implement it?”