Hack your life workshop

I recently hosted a “Hack your life” workshop for Manchester Girl Geeks.  We were at Bworks in Manchester City Centre, a nice co-working space. The workshop was developed by me and Zoe Breen of Care Labels for Humans. It was organised by Manchester Girl Geeks co-chairs Gem Hill and Emily Hopkins. First up we had Dr NicolaContinue reading “Hack your life workshop”

This is why I don’t tell people I have ADHD

I was talking to some school mums in the playground today, and one of them said “I think I’ve got that ADD you know, I keep forgetting things.” She talked a bit more about it, and said she shouldn’t say things like that because it’s offensive to people who really have the condition, to whichContinue reading “This is why I don’t tell people I have ADHD”

How a web app made me go bald

“You’ll be fine, she’s really good!” That’s what the owner of the hair salon told me about the new hairdresser they’d got to replace Daisy. I loved Daisy. Daisy was awesome. She was the only hairdresser I’d ever met who knew how to cut fine hair, and make me look chic, rather than the sortContinue reading “How a web app made me go bald”