What I learnt from Led By Donkeys

Last night I went to a Q & A with the political campaign group Led By Donkeys [Twitter link, they don’t have a website]. They are the people responsible for posting tweets by politicians on billboards, projecting messages onto Buckingham Palace and raking huge embarrassing messages in the sand. This event was organised by D&AD,Continue reading “What I learnt from Led By Donkeys”

My weekend at Barcamp: an honest review

I spent all of last weekend at Barcamp Manchester 9. Now, I know you might have a couple of questions. What is a Barcamp Manchester 9? Why weren’t you spending the weekend with your family? I’ll answer the second one first – because they’re really annoying. I’m only joking, they’re lovely and literally my favouriteContinue reading “My weekend at Barcamp: an honest review”

The Power of Change: learning to live as a “weirdo” [talk notes]

Here you can find all the sources and resources I used to prepare my talk, along with mental health help, and the list of people who helped me. If you enjoyed the talk, please endorse me on LinkedIn, and recommend me for future events. If you prefer to give feedback anonymously, you can do itContinue reading “The Power of Change: learning to live as a “weirdo” [talk notes]”

What I learnt from Upfront Conf 2019 [guest post]

This is a post that Alice Bailey of ECOM Recruitment posted on LinkedIn. She has given me permission to repost it here. Thanks Alice! ECOM have been attending Upfront Conf for a couple of years now. For those who don’t know, UpFront is an annual event that takes place in the centre of Manchester. It’sContinue reading “What I learnt from Upfront Conf 2019 [guest post]”