What is your neurotype?

Accessible text version The image is a diagram of a coffee cup, with ovals representing what can go in it. These are the levels from the bottom up: Neurotypical – choose strength Autism – 3 flavours Dyslexia – 3 flavours ADHD – 3 flavours Other neurodivergent or comorbid conditions – Wide selection Everything else BracketContinue reading “What is your neurotype?”

COVID-19 help round-up

As things are getting better – fingers crossed – I’ve moved my COVID-19 help round-up off my homepage to here on the blog. I’m still offering everything I offered before, including the free sessions. However, I have committed to some exciting new community projects, which means I will have to stop the free sessions soon.Continue reading “COVID-19 help round-up”

3 things that have NOT helped my mental health

I wrote a post on what has genuinely helped my mental health. This post is on what HASN’T helped. So why is it here? 2 reasons. Reason the first: I would quite like you to avoid wasting your time and money on snake oil. Especially stuff that could actually be damaging. Reason the second: IContinue reading “3 things that have NOT helped my mental health”

5 things that genuinely help my mental health (and might help you too)

Over the years, I’ve tried tons of things for my mental health. Some worked, some didn’t. Here’s a list of the things that DID work, in the hope that you also find them helpful. [Background: I have been proper mental, a bit mental and not at all mental at different times in my life, andContinue reading “5 things that genuinely help my mental health (and might help you too)”

How I, an autistic with ADHD, am coping (and how you can too)

The thing about neurodiverse people is: sometimes we cope really really well with stuff. And other times we don’t. I personally cope with the practical stuff quite well. I can deal with being in isolation. I can put stuff off until next week (ADHD procrastinators know where I’m coming from with that). I can adaptContinue reading “How I, an autistic with ADHD, am coping (and how you can too)”