How to work from home when you feel like you can’t

If you have to work from home and it’s not your choice, you might feel like you can’t do it. But you can! Here’s how. 1. Use a virtual co-working service This is my absolute, number one, very favouritist productivity tool. I have ADHD and I struggled a lot with productivity until I started usingContinue reading “How to work from home when you feel like you can’t”

Eleven tips for public speaking

If you want to get into public speaking, or you want to improve your talks, here are ten tips to help you. 1. Get proper training I cannot emphasise this enough. If I had my way, it would be illegal to present without training. There are so many things that presentation training gives you. I’llContinue reading “Eleven tips for public speaking”

Hack your life workshop

I recently hosted a “Hack your life” workshop for Manchester Girl Geeks.  We were at Bworks in Manchester City Centre, a nice co-working space. The workshop was developed by me and Zoe Breen of Care Labels for Humans. It was organised by Manchester Girl Geeks co-chairs Gem Hill and Emily Hopkins. First up we had Dr NicolaContinue reading “Hack your life workshop”

A schedule is your secret weapon when it comes to making decisions

This is how my work day used to go. I would sit down and think about all the things I had to do. It was a big mix of stuff. Everything from sales, to calling a particular client about a particular issue, phoning the bank, listening to their stupid hold music, researching social media techniques,Continue reading “A schedule is your secret weapon when it comes to making decisions”

People will make fun of you if you use this productivity tool

I have been using this particular productivity tool for years. It works really well for me. I’ve shown it to a few other people as well. One said “Hmmm….” A guy with Asperger’s really liked it. One of my clients loves it. Her husband called it childish. Another of my clients said “Oh my God,Continue reading “People will make fun of you if you use this productivity tool”