Famous autistic women

In any list of famous autistic people, or autistic celebrities, most of the entries are men. Autistic women are less likely to be diagnosed, and are under-represented. Here’s a list of famous autistic women. I’ve included trans women and nonbinary people, LGBTQAI+ women, and women of different races and cultural backgrounds (although there are stillContinue reading “Famous autistic women”

Systemic inclusion – and how it helps everyone

Systemic inclusion is removing barriers that prevent people accessing what they need. That might be a service, a workplace, or even the job itself. I use it here in the context of neurodiversity. How can you implement systemic inclusion so that people with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia can access what you need? TheContinue reading “Systemic inclusion – and how it helps everyone”

How to get diagnosed with ADHD and/or autism

TLDR (too long, didn’t read): Go to your GP. Step 1: Work out why you want a diagnosis Most people find that getting a formal diagnosis makes their life easier. Self-diagnosis is valid, but not recognised by everyone. You might feel that a diagnosis will enable you to understand yourself. To know yourself. To beContinue reading “How to get diagnosed with ADHD and/or autism”

What is neurodiversity and why should you care about it? [Sketchnotes]

These are the sketchnotes that the very talented Antonella Scaravilli made at my neurodiversity workshop. Text description of the sketchnotes [images are described in square brackets] Computer weekly + Spinks [Picture of smiling white woman with unimpressive hair] What is neurodiversity and why should you care about it? Rachel Morgan-Trimmer @ sparkleclass Rachel is aContinue reading “What is neurodiversity and why should you care about it? [Sketchnotes]”