Systemic inclusion – and how it helps everyone

Systemic inclusion is removing barriers that prevent people accessing what they need. That might be a service, a workplace, or even the job itself. I use it here in the context of neurodiversity. How can you implement systemic inclusion so that people with ADHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia can access what you need? TheContinue reading “Systemic inclusion – and how it helps everyone”

What is neurodiversity and why should you care about it? [Sketchnotes]

These are the sketchnotes that the very talented Antonella Scaravilli made at my neurodiversity workshop. Text description of the sketchnotes [images are described in square brackets] Computer weekly + Spinks [Picture of smiling white woman with unimpressive hair] What is neurodiversity and why should you care about it? Rachel Morgan-Trimmer @ sparkleclass Rachel is aContinue reading “What is neurodiversity and why should you care about it? [Sketchnotes]”

10 stupidly easy things you can do to be accessible

Tips that are quick, easy and cheap. From a neurodiversity expert who has ADHD, autism and prosopagnosia (face blindness). You can download a bite-size version of these tips as a graphic or poster. 1. Tell people what to expect If you go to a conference, they always tell you what time it starts, what timeContinue reading “10 stupidly easy things you can do to be accessible”

How to make your online event amazing (and accessible)

TL:DR version. Full version is here – 11 minute read. 1. Run through it first 2. Train yourself on the platform you’ll be using 3. Have more than one person host 4. Make sure the sound works 5. Make yourself look good 6. Put your role and pronouns in your name 7. Set up aContinue reading “How to make your online event amazing (and accessible)”

My weekend at Barcamp: an honest review

I spent all of last weekend at Barcamp Manchester 9. Now, I know you might have a couple of questions. What is a Barcamp Manchester 9? Why weren’t you spending the weekend with your family? I’ll answer the second one first – because they’re really annoying. I’m only joking, they’re lovely and literally my favouriteContinue reading “My weekend at Barcamp: an honest review”