“The loneliness was the worst thing” – taking a listening course with ADHD

Howard asked us all what the first couple in the video had said. “The guy in the rugby shirt talked about how he doesn’t really listen if he’s doing something else,” said Jill. “Yes,” said Howard. “Probably if the rugby’s on, he’s not really paying attention to someone talking.” He continued, “What about the secondContinue reading ““The loneliness was the worst thing” – taking a listening course with ADHD”

Eleven tips for public speaking

If you want to get into public speaking, or you want to improve your talks, here are ten tips to help you. 1. Get proper training I cannot emphasise this enough. If I had my way, it would be illegal to present without training. There are so many things that presentation training gives you. I’llContinue reading “Eleven tips for public speaking”

What I learnt from Led By Donkeys

Last night I went to a Q & A with the political campaign group Led By Donkeys [Twitter link, they don’t have a website]. They are the people responsible for posting tweets by politicians on billboards, projecting messages onto Buckingham Palace and raking huge embarrassing messages in the sand. This event was organised by D&AD,Continue reading “What I learnt from Led By Donkeys”

What is “Amish Time” and how can you implement it?

Did you know I’m descended from Mennonites? They are a similar community to the Amish, and live in the USA. Both communities are very religious (on paper if not in practice) and shun modern ways and “sinful” practices, like watching telly or being nice to gays. Who are the Amish? The Amish are stricter thanContinue reading “What is “Amish Time” and how can you implement it?”

How to prioritise everything you need to do

You’ve got a lot on, right? And you don’t know where to start. If you’re a regular reader (hi) you might have seen my posts on using a star chart, upping your star chart game and how a schedule helps you get things done. But even if you do all that, you still need toContinue reading “How to prioritise everything you need to do”