Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2022

I wrote 5 articles on neurodiversity for Neurodiversity Celebration Week. Here they all are.

6 mistakes you’re making when it comes to inclusion (and how to avoid them)

Taking neurodiversity seriously is essential to the future of work

Aren’t we all on the spectrum?

Why productivity is so important in the inclusion conversation

Autism in women – why it’s different and what we can do about it

If Neurodiversity Celebration Week inspired you to take action, get in touch with me for training.

2 thoughts on “Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2022

  1. Hi – the links on the 3rd and 5th articles are messed up. I was still able to find them on LinkedIn, but I expect you’d like to fix them.

    I really enjoy your articles, and I’m trying to talk my employer into neurodiversity training on the strength of much of what you’ve written.


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