Famous autistic women

In any list of famous autistic people, or autistic celebrities, most of the entries are men.

Autistic women are less likely to be diagnosed, and are under-represented.

Here’s a list of famous autistic women. I’ve included trans women and nonbinary people, LGBTQAI+ women, and women of different races and cultural backgrounds (although there are still far too few of these women in the public eye). There are a mix of ages, sizes and styles, as the mainstream media always tend to focus on “pretty” women. I’ve also included “problematic” women, because this is an important part of breaking down stereotypes.

  • Darryl Hannah, famous Hollywood actor
  • Christine McGuinness, model, author and reality TV star
  • Melanie Sykes, TV presenter
  • Temple Grandin, scientist, author and autism advocate
  • Susan Boyle, singer
  • Helen Hoang, author
  • Bethany Black, comedian, actor and writer
  • Jessica-Jane Applegate, Olympic gold medallist
  • Tee Franklin, comic book writer
  • Sara Gibbs, comedy writer
  • Hannah Gadsby, comedian
  • Roseanne Barr, actor and producer
  • Jack Monroe, writer and anti-poverty campaigner
  • Lisa Llorens, athlete
  • Susan Te Kahurangi King, non-speaking artist
  • Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, socialite and reality TV star
  • Camilla Pang, computational biologist
  • Greta Thunberg, climate activist
  • Elise Nicole Bowen, composer
  • Anne Hegarty, TV personality

Have I missed any? Tell me in the comments or tweet me.

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