What is your neurotype?

Accessible text version

The image is a diagram of a coffee cup, with ovals representing what can go in it. These are the levels from the bottom up:

  1. Neurotypical – choose strength
  2. Autism – 3 flavours
  3. Dyslexia – 3 flavours
  4. ADHD – 3 flavours
  5. Other neurodivergent or comorbid conditions – Wide selection
  6. Everything else

Bracket on the left ranges from the bottom of the coffee cup to the top. It is labelled:

  • Brewing time in years

The whipped cream on top is labelled:

  • Stuff added by other people Which you may or may not want

There’s a cherry on the top. It is labelled:

  • Mental illness

This is the end of the description.

If you’d like to know more about my workshops – where I use accessible and engaging images like this – please email rachel@sugarcat.co.uk. My workshops have been adapted to be delivered online, and are currently rated 4.3 to 5 stars.

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