COVID-19 help round-up

As things are getting better – fingers crossed – I’ve moved my COVID-19 help round-up off my homepage to here on the blog.

I’m still offering everything I offered before, including the free sessions. However, I have committed to some exciting new community projects, which means I will have to stop the free sessions soon. So if you want one, book it now!

Free sessions

Had an amazing “Get it together” free session with @SparkleClass. I needed help with a stop motion project. I didn’t know where to begin so Rachel helped me navigate the corners of my mind to get some ideas and a starting point! Thank you Rachel!!

Antonella Scaravilli

I had a 30 min session today with Rachel. My idea went from ‘this is an idea I have but also it might not be?’ to having a starting plan. I feel like I can set some achievable goals and get stuff done. Can not recommend getting some time in with Rachel enough!

Self Care Backpack

Massive thank you to @SparkleClass for time & ears today. I appreciate the time & space to braindump my thoughts – I now have a plan I can work on… If you’re looking for an opportunity to bounce some ideas around, I can thoroughly recommend Rachel!

Duncan Nisbet

If you need to pivot your business, want to start a side project or just want some direction in your career, click here to book a 30 minute “get it together” session. Free, confidential, no obligation.

You can book a free 15-minute session too, or, if you’re ready to start coaching, your free half-hour assessment. All my sessions can be booked here.

Articles I wrote specifically for the crisis


I made – and contributed to – various things to help people through the crisis. By far the most popular was this adapted Hierarchy of Needs, which was adapted from the original Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. It went viral on LinkedIn.

Download the Hierarchy of Needs: Lockdown Version (gif)

Click here for an accessible text version of the Hierarchy of Needs – this link goes to a blog post with that stuff in text.

I made a mood tracker worksheet so you can log your mood and see what’s making you feel better or worse.

Download Mood Tracker worksheet (pdf)

This anxiety workbook was produced by The Wellness Society which is an American organisation. It’s shared with permission. Massive thanks to my colleague George Gensler for the heads-up.

Download the Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook (pdf)

The Empowering Neurodiversity guidance pdf was produced by Creased Puddle, features me as part of Neuro-teamC19, and is shared with permission.

Download “Empowering Neurodiversity in the Workplace during Covid-19” (pdf)

As well as the above, I also did lots of free webinars, online talks, and a fair bit of press. You can see all the details of what I am up to on my News, press and events page. All the press features have links to the full articles, so you can read them for yourself. Some of the webinars have links to the recordings, so you can watch them if you like.

Thank you for all your support.

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