Do you need help with running your business?

Are you thinking of starting a business or side hustle?

Or are you not really sure where you are going in your life and career?

I can help you.

My approach is holistic and bespoke. It’s for you if you need someone who understands that you can’t work without colour-coding everything, that your spelling sucks, or you can’t make a phone call until the phone has been cleaned 3 times. I promise that I will develop our ideas and plans around your unique needs, and we’ll make it so that things work the way you need them to.

Business coaching

I offer business coaching to freelancers and the “career confused” (people who aren’t really sure about their next step).

Coaching finds what is not working in your life and work currently, and helps you find ways of managing that. If you need help with productivity, time management, or working with your unique challenges, I will help you.

We will identify what you’re good at (most people are way too modest!) and see how we can make the most of your unique strengths and skills.

My unique style of business coaching understands that your life and work aren’t separate. We look at everything you’ve got going on so we can work around all your commitments, with a realistic approach. I will challenge you and encourage you, so we can find out what your dreams and goals are and start working towards them.

I highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking to be the best that they can be, and I have really enjoyed my sessions with her.

Maria L, creative entrepreneur coaching client

If you are interested in my coaching services, get in touch. A chat is free and there’s no obligation!

  • Pre-coaching half-hour assessment (required) is free
  • A one-off session is £80 (1 hour)
  • A speedy life/career change package (4 hours of sessions, plus follow-ups, plus personalised workbook) is £480.
  • A big life/career change package (7 hours of sessions plus follow-ups, plus personalised workbook) is £600.

Coaching and consultancy for entrepreneurs

I’m here to make your small business dreams a reality. I’ve run my own successful business for 15 years and I can help you do the same.

You’ll get business consultancy which matches your needs and your values – I know that making a difference might be as important to you as making money.

You’ll also learn how to shape your growing business to your life, whether you’re a parent, working a side-hustle, have a disability, or just can’t think straight. We’ll work the way you work best, building upon your strengths and managing your challenges.

You’ll get exclusive access to my secret suite of tools that alternative entrepreneurs can’t live without. We’ll brainstorm and generate some great ideas that you can turn into money. Together, we’ll develop plans and strategies to make all these ideas a reality.

I got a focused look at what I can offer, what I need to decide, and how to move forward. I enjoyed all of it! Even the stuff I thought would be stressful or not for me I ended up finding really enjoyable/useful.

Consultancy client, anonymous by request
  • From £260 for a 2-hour session

If you are interested in my coaching and consultancy services for entrepreneurs, get in touch. A chat is free and there’s no obligation!

Not convinced? You don’t have to take my word for it, see what my clients say about me.